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Router Solution is ready to release Version 7.8 of its popular BOM Connector, which addresses two of the biggest “painpoints” for EMS companies.
Bills-of-materials (BOMs) provide a unique challenge to EMS companies. Coming directly from the customer, they form the basis of all subsequent steps – from initial product cost calculation to final production. Yet they come in a wide variety of formats and content, are often incomplete, arrive at the last minute and change frequently. All this makes them one of the greatest “productivity killers” in a business model that is predicated on efficiency.
BOM Connector from Router Solutions is designed to solve this problem. A highly flexible BOM reader can deal easily with even the most complex and incomplete customer data. A direct interface to the user’s ERP system means the normally painstaking process of identifying suitable parts within existing stock is highly automated. Combined with BOM “scrubbing” features, the creation of a quote and/or production-ready “golden” BOM can be done in a fraction of the time normally required for the task.
BOM Connector’s BC-QUOTE module greatly eases the task of calculating part purchasing and production costs associated with a product. The DistiDirect connection to leading distributors gives up-to-the-moment pricing a delivery information, while a configurable “BestPrice” function quickly shows the most attractive price, taking account factors specific to the project such as delivery dates and production levels. The results are stored into a powerful SQL backend database and can easily be reused for similar projects or by other users in the company. The result are drastically reduced quoting times.
As an MES integrator, Router Solutions and its US affiliate, CircuitByte utilize the Valor® line of manufacturing tools from Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Business to build a holistic solution which generates the data needed to sustain an IoM/Industry 4.0 strategy throughout the entire process.