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The digital transformation of the electronics industry requires stable, experienced and knowledgeable hands to guide it.

Since its founding in 1992 under the name Router Solutions, CircuitByte has been helping its customers in the electronic industry improve manufacturing efficiency and quality while reducing costs by better utilizing time, machines and materials.

We use our wealth of experience to help customers identify areas in the electronic manufacturing process which can be improved and configure the optimal software solution to achieve maximum effect and the quickest possible ROI.

Through constant process optimization, manufacturers, particularly EMS firms, can reduce costs without sacrificing quality, thus remaining competitive in the face of stiff competition.  

Our popular BOM ConnectorTM, directly addressed one of the greatest pain points in the industry today: tight availability of components and the resulting price fluctuations. By handing all tasks from the initial input and “scrubbing” of the BOM to price and availability checking and quoting, to assisting with purchasing decision-making, BOM Connector provides a total solution to this vital task.


CircuitByte customers form a “who’s who” of the industry. From small to medium-sized companies all the way through the top Fortune 500 firms worldwide.  Particularly well represented are local and global EMS companies.  Currently 7 of the top 10 are using products which we either developed or represent.

At CircuitByte we know that a product is only as good as its implementation. So we make sure that every product we sell is properly installed, configured and tested. And we follow up with the highest quality onsite or online training and 5 Star telephone hotline support through our offices in Europe and the United States.


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